Scholarship Opportunities for Class of 2020 - Applications accepted starting January 2020

The application period for scholarships closed at midnight, Monday, April 13, 2020.  Applications submitted after this time will not be considered.  

Open to All Four Campuses

The Brian Fink Memorial Scholarship


The Brian Fink Memorial Scholarship is given by Brian’s family.  Brian was a career tech student who brought joy and laughter to those who knew and loved him.  Brian’s family has endowed this scholarship in hopes that the recipient of this award will pass on this celebration of life to others.

The Bob Beckstedt Memorial Scholarship


The Bob Beckstedt Memorial Scholarship is given in recognition of his contributions to the students of Great Oaks.  As a board member and volunteer, Bob worked diligently to ensure the continuation of the Great Oaks vision for all students.  The recipient of this award exemplifies those high aspirations.

The Great Oaks Education Foundation Scholarship


The Great Oaks Education Foundation Scholarship is awarded to one student from each of the Great Oaks Career Campuses.  The foundation believes in providing support to meet the needs of our students, so that they can focus on their educatiuon and their future.

The Angela M. and John G. Halpin Skilled Labor Grant


The Angela M. and John G. Halpin Grant is given in recognition of the Halpin's belief in the value and need for skilled labor.  The Halpin family believes in the importance of providing our adult and high school graduates the tools and equipmnet needed to be successful as they start their careers as well as continuing to increase their skills b earning additional credentials and certifications in their field.

The Mary Helen Steinauer Memorial Scholarship


The Mary Helen Steinauer Scholarship is in given in recognition of her devotion as an educator.  Mary Helen inspired, influenced and nurtured the lives of countless students and colleagues.  She believed in the importance of education as well as providing the support and guidance to students and teachers. 

Open to Select Campuses

The James Hulick Memorial Scholarship


The James Hulick Memorial Scholarship ($1000) is given to a Scarlet Oaks student by the family of James Hulick.  James was a Scarlet Oaks mechanics student in the 1970s and passed away during his senior year.

The Harper Jane Zuefle Memorial Scholarship


The Harper Jane Zuefle Memorial Scholarship ($1000) is awarded to a Laurel Oaks senior.  Harper was a young student in the Acorn Center who was tragically killed.  The recipient of this special honor not only meets high standards in both academic and career skills, but is also an individual who “lights up a room” just as Harper’s presence always did.

The Jake Anders Memorial Scholarship


The Jake Anders Memorial Scholarship ($1500) is awarded to a Laurel Oaks senior. Jake Anders was a CSTN graduate of Laurel Oaks Career Campus.  After graduation, Jake Anders became a full time employee of Great Oaks Career Campuses, serving as the Laurel Oaks IT technician.  Jake was passionate about his work as well as his life.  He strived to live a courageous life with honor and integrity.

The Da’Niesha Williams Memorial Scholarship


The Da’Niesha Williams Memorial Scholarship ($1000) is awarded to a Scarlet Oaks student.  Da’Niesha Williams was a 2011 graduate in Health Technology.  She exemplified the highest qualities of a health care professional—hard working, conscientious, high performing, and most of all, compassionate.

The Mandy Wallace Memorial Scholarship


Mandy Wallace was an English instructor at Great Oaks, spending her last years at Live Oaks.  Mandy was passionate about her work as an educator working with students focused on learning a skill and graduating from high school.  Mandy believed strongly in education, its impact on a student's future as well as pursing additional education beyond high school.

The Diamond Oaks Womankind Scholarship


Womankind’s mission is to empower young women through educational experiences, and this scholarship would provide support to help the recipient reach her educational and professional goals.  The Diamond Oaks Womankind members have raised funds for the scholarship.  This award can be used for any post-secondary educational or professional needs, including coursework, certifications, etc.   

Rotary Club of Northeast Cincinnati Success Grant


The Rotary Club of Northeast Cincinnati will be awarding five, $500 grants to Scarlet Oaks Seniors.  These grants can be used to help prepare for your next steps in life-whether it is buying tools or completing a certificate to start your trade or beginning work on an associate's degree.

Open to Adult Education Students

Adult Education Scholarships

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