The Rotary Club of Northeast Cincinnati will be awarding five, $500 grants to Scarlet Oaks Seniors.  These grants can be used to help prepare for your next steps in life-whether it is buying tools or completing a certificate to start your trade or beginning work on an associate's degree.

 Criteria for the Rotary Club of Northeast Cincinnati Success Grant

  1. Meets the overall criteria for the Great Oaks Education Foundation Scholarships.
  2. Applicant attends Scarlet Oaks Career Campus
  3. Have a 2.0 grade point.
  4. Essay Prompt:  Minimum of 500 words

       The Rotary Club of  Northeast Cincinnati (formerly Blue-Ash Montgomery) is a network of leaders who come together to support youth education, fight poverty, and make a positive impact on those they serve at home and world-wide.  Please share how this grant will help you fulfill your career goals as you move forward in your life.