Our Work

The Work of the Foundation

The Great Oaks gets behind those projects that offer students that extra help they need to stay in school and continue on to successful careers.

Dollars for Emergencies

This year the Foundation gave Campus Deans and the Director of Adult Programs $5,000 each to use for those emergencies that get in the way of learning for our students.  These are the immediate crises that cannot wait.  They range from giving a student a gas card to get to school or buying a pair of shoes to helping with a medical or dental bill.


Food Pantry

Ensuring that students have enough to eat is an ongoing challenge.  The lack of a healthy diet can be a major barrier to performance.  The Foundation is funding several approaches.  One is to regularly provide students with food to take home.  Others find a food pantry to give students what they need when they need it is a better option.  The Foundation brought in Pack Shack, a national non-profit, and prepared 22,000 meals that could be stored and used as needed.


Alumni Recognition

It is important for students who are beginning a career path to see that others who were in their position have made successful lives and careers for themselves.  The Foundation regularly honors graduates who have made significant contributions to their professions and communities at an annual dinner.



With nearly half of our students continuing their educations immediately upon graduation, supporting them continues to be a high priority to the Foundation.  Generous donors have endowed scholarships to benefit these students.