Diamond Oaks Womankind Scholarship

The Diamond Oaks Womankind Scholarship is given to a Diamond Oaks senior who is a member of the student group Womankind.  The organization’s members work throughout the year to fund raise for this award.  Womankind’s mission is to empower young women through educational experiences, and this scholarship would provide support to help the recipient reach her educational and professional goals.  This award can be used for any post-secondary educational or professional needs, including coursework, certifications, etc.

Scholarship Criteria for the Diamond Oaks Womankind Scholarship

  1. Meets overall criteria for the Great Oaks Education Foundation Scholarships.
  2. Applicant attends Diamond Oaks and is a member of Womankind.
  3. Essay: Minimum of 500 words.

 Essay Prompt:

Womankind works to empower its members through educational experiences.  We offer this scholarship to support our members' educational and professional endeavors.  Please share how this award will help you fulfill your goals.