The Emily Partin Memorial Scholarship

The Emily Partin Memorial Scholarship is given in recognition of Emily’s strength and determination to overcome any obstacles she faced in life.  Emily graduated from Live Oaks and the Health Technology program in 2019.  After graduation, Emily worked as a STNA until a tragic accident took her life in February 2021. The recipient of this award is someone who understands and has experienced challenges in their life that they had to overcome in order to move forward.  The recipient of this award is able to use the funds toward further education (post-secondary or training), tools, equipment/uniforms for employment, essential educational needs as well as essential life needs that are barriers to employment or school.


Scholarship Criteria for the Emily Partin Memorial Scholarship

  1. Meets the overall criteria for the Great Oaks Education Foundation Scholarships
  2. A student enrolled at Live Oak in a workforce development program qualifying for graduation.
  3. Be successful in her/his career/technical program.
  4. Demonstrates a financial need.

Essay Prompt:

**Essay should be a minimum of 500 words.

How I have overcome or continue to overcome challenges in my life…

Emily overcame many challenges in her life, including supporting herself while in high school.  Her strength and determination along with her positive attitude and kind nature was key to her success.  Please share how you have overcome or continue to overcome challenges that you have faced.

 ***Due to the late announcement of this scholarship, Live Oaks seniors have until Friday, April 9, 2021 to submit their application. 

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