The Mandy Wallace Memorial Scholarship

The Mandy Wallace Memorial Scholarship is given in recognition of Mandy's belief in students and their education.  Mandy was an English instructor at Great Oaks, spending her last years at Live Oaks.  She was passionate about her work as an educator working with students focused on learning a skill and graduating from high school.  Mandy believed strongly in education, its impact on a student's future as well as pursuing additional education beyond high school.  The recipient of this award believes education is key to their future.

Scholarship Criteria for the Mandy Wallace Memorial Scholarship

  1. Meets the overall criteria for the Great Oaks Education Foundation Scholarships
  2. A full-time student enrolled at Live Oaks  in a workforce development program and qualifying for graduation.
  3. Be successful in her/his career/technical program.
  4. Plans to pursue an additional degree beyond high school at a post-secondary institution.
  5. Has a 3.0 GPA or higher while attending Live Oaks.
  6. Essay Prompt:  Minimum of 500 words

Mandy Wallace loved being a teacher and working with young adults as they pursued their dreams.  Think about how your education has impacted your life, up to this point in time, and how continuing your education will impact your future and your dreams.