The Bob Beckstedt Memorial Scholarship

The Bob Beckstedt Memorial Scholarship is given in recognition of his contributions to the students of Great Oaks.  As a board member and volunteer, Bob worked diligently to ensure the continuation of the great Oaks vision for all students.  The recipient of this award exemplifies those high aspirations.


Scholarship Criteria for the Bob Beckstedt Memorial Scholarship

  1. A full-time student enrolled at one of the Great Oaks full-time workforce development programs and qualifying for graduation.
  2. Be successful in her/his career/technical program.
  3. Have a plan to pursue a career that is related to her/his career pathway.
  4. Essay Prompt:  Minimum of 500 words

Bob Beckstedt believed that people could grow into productive individuals and lead happy, meaningful lives if they believed in themselves, set goals, learned the necessary skills and worked hard.  He would want any student earning this scholarship to share this belief.  Please share what you have done and will continue to do to make this your approach to life.  

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