The Jake Anders Memorial Scholarship

Jake Anders was a CSTN graduate of Laurel Oaks Career Campus.  After graduation, Jake Anders became a full time employee of Great Oaks Career Campuses, serving as the Laurel Oaks IT technician.  Jake was passionate about his work as well as his life.  He strived to live a courageous life with honor and integrity.  In September 2017, Jake died in a tragic motorcycle accident.  Jake’s family is honoring Jake and his life by establishing a memorial scholarship in his name.  The scholarship recipient should exemplify the traits that Jake was so passionate about:  living a courageous life with honor and integrity.


Scholarship Criteria for the Jake Anders Memorial Scholarship

  1. Meets the overall criteria for the Great Oaks Education Foundation Scholarships.
  2. Applicant attends Laurel Oaks.
  3. Is a senior in Computer Service Technician and Networking or Digital Arts and Design or Web Applications and Game Development
  4. Essay Prompt:  Minimum of 500 words

Living a courageous life….

Jake believed strongly in being a courageous person, living his life with honor and integrity.  Applicants may choose to write about the most courageous thing they have ever done or witnessed, or describe what being courageous means to you.

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